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Solaronics Inc.    Heat Loss Software

OS \ Windows Only.
File Size: 3.2Mb.
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Installation Instructions

1. Once You Have Downloaded The Program You Will Need To Uncompress It To
    A Temporary Folder To Be Able To Install It..

2. You'll Need To Remember The Folder Were You Downloaded The File To.
    Once It Is Done Downloading You Will Need To Go To That Folder And
    Look For The File Named: " heatloss.exe "

3. To Unzip All The Files In " heatloss.exe " To A Specified Folder.
You Should See A Default Folder Already Typed In, Named:
    " C:\TEMP-Solaronics "
In The White Area.
If Not, Type It In: " C:\TEMP-Solaronics " In There. Then Press The UnZip Button.

4. Now, All Files Should Be Uncompressed In The Newly Created TEMP Folder Named:
    " C:\TEMP-Solaronics ".

5. Now To Go To New " TEMP Folder ". You Will Need To Choose Your " START "

6. Then Click On The Word " RUN " After That, Type In This Command:
    " C:\TEMP-Solaronics\setup.exe " Once That Is Done. Click On The " OK " Button.
    To Install The Program.

7. After You Do That You Should See A Blue Screen With :
Solaronics Inc. Heatloss Calculator Setup " At The Top Of The Screen.
    Once You See That Just, Follow The On Screen

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